Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Organized by Marta Perry

I have to confess that I'm addicted to organizing systems, maybe because I'm not by nature very organized. I'm constantly trying to find something that will simplify my life as I try to keep up with family (including six grandkids), church work, exercise, my house, and writing for two different publishers. And I think I've found it! Or, at least, something that helps me organize my writing for the most effective use of my time. Best of all, it's free!

Productive Flourishing is a gold mine of organizational tools that are free for the taking. If you don't believe me, go to and see for yourself!

I started the new year by downloading all the action planners to help me organize my work. The Yearly Planner helps me by showing me all my deadlines and allowing me to think through what needs to be done when. The Quarterly Planner breaks those goals down to a three-month period. The Monthly Action Planner pushes me to list my objectives for the month, to recognize the major events that will take me away from my writing, and then to plan each week's work. And finally, the Freelancer's Workweek breaks it all down to what has to be done each day of the week in order to stay on track.

One of the best things about using this system has been that as each new deadline comes in, whether it's reading a book for endorsement, writing a blog, writing a will be entered into my work planner with its due date. No more panic because I know there's something I have to do and can't remember what it is or when it's due!

Now, this may sound obsessive, but I'm in favor of anything that will make me feel on top of things!

What gives you that feeling? Do you have a system that works for you in keeping track of your busy life? If so, why don't you share it?



Danica Favorite said...

I think you'd be a prime candidate for book organizing software. I got Camy addicted to it so I could have a sister in my organizing bliss. You should try it too. :)

Pat Davids said...

I've got to try this. I love lists, I love to be organized, but I lose my lists and I get off track so easily. Thanks for the tip. This coming year is stacking up to be a writing madhouse.

Marta Perry said...

Which one do you use, Danica? I know there are different ones.

Have fun, Pat--and isn't a writing madhouse what we all want?!


Terri Reed said...

Cute picture!