Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What are they thinking?

Leann Harris here. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. The after Christmas gift I got was going to Walmart today for groceries and looking at the books and seeing my latest, SECOND CHANCE RANCH.

I hope you will stop by my website and see what the characters in my new book are saying behind the scenes. So often, wonderful parts of the book don't end up in the final product. Or the characters might want to comment on what happened during the book or why they acted the way they did. Well, they will get their say.

So, Zach, Sophie, Ollie, Ethan, and Beth will put their 2 cents in. What they will say, I don't know. They'll probably surprise, me, too. But, I promise the horses, Prince Charming and Brownie, won't try to blog. I mean, how can you translate a whnny?


Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

I am not sure what those horse whinnies translate to, either. The only ones I ever understood, when my daughter took horseback riding lessons for years, was when they were looking for pieces of apples or carrots! Actually, that may have been more of a snuffling noise, not that I think of it.

Leann Harris said...

I should have the horses post. They heard a lot of secrets and gave out a lot of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Hi, My Name is Bernadette and I live in Townsville North Queensland Australia. I am a Christian. I have just found my first Steeple Hill Love Inspired Book at our local library and really loved it. (Jingle Bell Babies by Kathryn ASpringer). I have put a request into borrow all the books the library have from these authors. I hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas and I wish you many blessings for 2010.

Bye from sunny Queensland Australia.

God Bless


Loves 2 Read Romance - Laura said...

I will have to check out your sight and take a look at the extras.

Beradette I am so happy that you found the Steeple Hill books. By the way Jingle Bell Babies is the end of a 6 book continuing series by 6 different authors. This series was call After The Storm. I think you would like the other books in the series. Also every third Thursday they have a chat on in the Community Section dedicated to Steeple Hill. You will meet a bunch of us who love the Steeple Hill books plus some of the authors for the series. The chat times are in Eastern Time Zone so I think it would be Friday around 11 AM for you. Hope to see you there!