Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Merrillee Whren

When I was a kid, we always wished for a white Christmas. Now that I'm much older, I'm not wishing for a white Christmas; in fact, I'm really wishing for a warmer Christmas. After all, I live in Florida. It's supposed to be warm here, but so far our December has been much colder than normal. I don't like to have to cover my plants every night, and some are so big that there is no way to cover them, so they have turned brown. Hopefully, they will come back in the spring.

The above photo is a picture of the cut Christmas tree I usually put out by our screened-in pool area. When the weather is nice we can sit out there and enjoy it, but this year we've been looking at it through the window. No one wants to sit out in the cold. We have a fake tree in the living room. Here it is.

I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas whether it is white, green, cold or warm.

Which do you prefer?


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

I am a southern girl and I always wanted a white christmas. It was only as an adult that I enjoyed one. I would give anything for a white christmas! There is nothing like them.

Jill W said...

I definitely prefer warm. We're having snow in Charlotte, NC this evening. I guess I need to go further South! Merry Christmas Merrillee!

Mystery and Mayhem said...

I prefer it warm, too, but we learned the other day we were warmer than Florida, and for Canada, that's pretty good!

Loves 2 Read Romance - Laura said...

Merry Christmas Merrillee! I grew up in Ohio so until I moved to Texas I always had a white Christmas. In fact the only time I miss the snow is from about the 22 of December to the 31 of December. Before or after that I can live without the snow. What part of Florida are you in? My Aunt and Uncle and Cousin went to Florida for Christmas this year to see my Grandfather and it was snowing at his house on Christmas day. LOL!

Have a Happy New Year!!