Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the days of less sunshine

Barbara Phinney here.
I've noticed the distinct lack of sun lately. I'm not talking about cloudy days here, but rather the much less daylight hours we're getting. I usually feel it this time of year, but with no one in the house this morning, I found I'd slept in way further than I had planned to.
I have a friend who has Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, which is a prefect short form for it. I think we all have it to some degree.
But what to do about it? As a Christian busy in her own church, this time of year is hardly conducive to taking it easy. With concerts, and cantatas, and caroling and getting gift baskets to the shut ins, we're all doing something outside of the home, and I really feel like a lazy slob when I drive by those other homes that are already decked out for Christmas. Oh, to have room to put the tree away fully decorated! Then we could just whip it out!
I have presents bought, sure, but to get them wrapped. To me, that's like making a salad. All that piddly chopping, and arranging and tossing and stuff that is way slower than pouring frozen peas into a pot of boiling water.
See, the lack of sunshine is taking its toll on me.
But I have to look on the positive. I have a warm home, time to read great romances, and write. And I have to do things to combat any SAD that I may have.
What do you all do this time of year (pre Christmas) to keep from feeling blue?


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara. I do love the longer days-in fact I overslept this morning because it was so dark. But here in AZ we have lots of sunlight and warmth throughout the year so I don't really feel the blues like in other states. Sorry to rub it in. :) Oh, and I'm done with the shopping and decorating. But like you, I hate wrapping. Merry Christmas.

Susan Sleeman said...

We were just in Oregon where it gets dark earlier than here in Florida. That coupled with the rain and dreary skies made coming home to sunny Florida a real treat.

Karen Kirst said...

Hi Barbara,
I can so relate to this! I find myself feeling sluggish and not wanting to go anywhere this time of year-really miss the sunshine! My hubby is a Marine, so we're stationed about 15 miles from the beach. I love the hot, humid days so losing 3 hours of sunlight each day is a big deal. On the other hand, I can get more writing done since I'm not outside supervising the kids until late. And it's a perfect excuse for bringing out the nice tea cups and enjoying tea or coffee. To get in the Christmas spirit, I DVR all the sweet Hallmark Christmas movies and watch them when I have time. And I painted my walls a bright, sunny yellow for just this reason! It seems to help. :)

Rose said...

I love winter days but I always feel tired every morning.

Loves 2 Read Romance - Laura said...

I understand the feeling I use to live in Ohio and they have a lot of gloomy days especially in the winter. I have been in Texas for almost 5 years now so I am getting more sun which is nice. In fact there are times when I wish for a gloomy couple of days. LOL! One great thing about gloomy weather perfect time to curl up with a great book!