Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reunions--Lenora Worth

Do you love reading reunion stories? I like to write these stories because they can be highly romantic. When a couple comes back together after many years, there is something special brewing. In fact, I'm working on a reunion book right now. Reunions have been on my mind since my husband and I attended his 35 year high school reunion a couple of weeks ago. He graduated a year after I did.

It was fun and a bit different to see the same faces with a little age on them. I told him on the way home it was like being back in high school, only everyone looked older--but the same. After a few minutes with old friends, the years melted away and no one even noticed the wrinkles. We retold the fun stories and remembered people who couldn't be there. We attended a football game and all decided the kids on the field looked a lot bigger than the boys we remembered back when we were in school.

That's the thing about reunions. Everyone is still the same--the same personalities, the same smiles and laughs, and the same characters. But those same "kids" now have children and grandchildren and walk around like real adults. We all made it this far. Let's hope my husband and I will be able to attend more reunions.

And I hope the reunions story I'm working on now turns out to be as fulfilling as the real thing. This is a story I actually started writing in high school and I'm finally going to be able to finish it. It's pure fiction, but it will be bittersweet to see it in print. Maybe because just like our friends, this story has matured and blossomed over the years but it is still forever young.

Do you have a reunion story that touched you or made you stop and remember?

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