Friday, October 1, 2010

Dream Come True

Susan Sleeman here!

Have you ever had a dream come true? I’m not talking about the kind you have in the middle of the night where you’re on the street naked or running fast but can’t ever seem to get to where you’re going. I’m talking about a goal or something you’ve worked hard for but were never certain it could come true. Something you kept plugging away at even when a set back occurred. Something you put your every effort into achieving.

Well, if you have, you understand how excited I am this month at the release of my first book, High-Stakes Inheritance. Not only is this my first book, but it is a book released in an imprint that boasts some very talented writers. I am honored to be part of this group and like many of you, love to read the Love Inspired Suspense books when they come out and read this blog to learn more about my favorite authors.

So let me share the description of my September romantic suspense release, High-Stakes Inheritance.

"Leave Logan Lake now or you will pay!"

Despite the threatening warning, Mia Blackburn won't let anyone scare her from the rustic resort she inherits from her beloved uncle. But when a fire traps her in a burning barn, she fears that she won't get out alive. Just in time her ex-boyfriend volunteer firefighter Ryan Morgan rescues her from the deadly blaze. He had once broken her heart, yet she still has feelings for him. With Ryan insisting on keeping a close eye on her, Mia feels safer—and closer to Ryan than ever before. Yet the threats haven't stopped, and soon Mia's high-stakes inheritance includes a murder—and Mia could be the next victim.

To read an excerpt of High-Stakes Inheritance click here. The book is also available in large print and ebook formats. You can purchase High-Stakes Inheritance locally or order it from the following online booksellers.

Barnes and Noble

Or directly from the publisher by clicking here


Patty Smith Hall said...

Congratulations on your first published novel! It sounds fantastic!

Patty Smith Hall

Linda said...

Fantastic book!!! A nail-biter for sure!

Susan Sleeman said...

Thanks all for the kind comments. It is a real joy to be part of this group.

Stephanie Newton said...

Congratulations, Susan! The first book is so exciting. Here's to many more...