Thursday, October 28, 2010

Double the fun

Hello from Carolyne Aarsen.
When I was in my baby-having years, I always wanted twins. I never thought of the challenges of shopping with two toddlers, washing two sets of dirty diapers (I didn't use disposable diapers), toilet training two children. I just imagined myself dressing them up! But I never got twins. So I inflicted my twin-yearning on my daughters by dressing them alike. they put up with it until they realized they had clothing options and then they each went their own sartorial way. However, I never got past the fascination with twins. But now, as a writer, I get to play out certain dreams and wishes. So in my book, coming out in November, I couldn't resist putting in a set of twin boys. Of course these twin boys have their own personalities. And they cause trouble for their exasperated uncle and guardian. But as the writer, I can just enjoy! I hope you can pick up Cowboy Daddy, the story of Kip Cosgrove, his twin nephews and Nicole Williams, the aunt who wants to take them away from the ranch and the only home they've known, to her wealthy father's home in the big city. And you can find out just how much fun I had writing about twins.

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Susan Sleeman said...

The boys on the cover are so cute. Readers are sure to pick this one up. Sounds like a great story.