Monday, October 11, 2010

Play Time is Over

Hi folks, Stephanie Newton here.  Life as I knew it is over.  I used to lounge around in the mornings drinking coffee and reading email.  I'd watch funny videos on youtube that people posted on facebook.  Then I'd settle down for the day and get to work.

All that changed last week when I joined a gym.  Drinking coffee is lovely (everyone should definitely lounge around with their coffee, or tea if you must, at some point every day).  But now that I'm in my forties, and I'm not telling you how far into them I am, everything seems to sticking in places it shouldn't be, especially that twenty-five pounds that wasn't there three years ago.  So.

I'm late posting this morning because I was sweating.  And I need help.  Last week, when it was new and exciting and the gym people were all friendly and helpful, it seemed fun to go, but today it just seemed like work.   What keeps you motivated to exercise?  Advice?

Stephanie Newton lives in Northwest Florida with her husband, two teenagers, and two poodles.  The poodles are obviously in charge.  Her next book is a novella called "Christmas Target" in HOLIDAY HAVOC,  a Christmas 2-in1, with Terri Reed.  You can order it here or look for it in retail stores November 6.


Diane Marie Shaw said...

Stephanie, I am in my 60's and the only thing that keeps me motivated to exercise is the creaking in my joints if I don't. I would like to also lose the extra weight I have put on but keeping my joints loose is enough motivation for me.

Susan Sleeman said...

Wish I could give you advice on how to stay motivated. When you find out what works let me know. LOL

Stephanie Newton said...

I hope that working out will help me with that, too. I find that sitting and writing is really not good for the ol' bones!

Keeping healthy should be enough motivation!


Stephanie Newton said...


Keep in touch for anything I might learn. I think maybe the amount of money that I paid for a membership might be a good motivation to keep going!


Stephanie Newton said...

Thanks, Loves2Read!

I tried watching TV, but I think maybe a book would work better, one that I can only read when I'm on the treadmill! :)