Friday, April 24, 2009

The Case of the Mysterious Choir Robe

Most people keep quiet about the dumb things that happen in their lives, but anyone who knows me learns quickly that I tell stories about myself. My husband doesn't think it's funny but I do.

The incident began about a month ago when our choir participated in an area hymn sing with numerous other churches and the great composer and organist Michael Burkhardt. The program was held at a church a few miles from ours so we lugged our choir robes and music to that church, rehearsed for an couple hours, and then enjoyed an amazing hymn fest.

The next Sunday, I started down the stairs from the choir room heading for the sanctuary and wondered why my choir robe seemed so large. I had taken it from my hanger #8. I knew I hadn't lost that much weight. But I dismissed the concern and headed to the back of the church where we lined up for the processional.

As the service progressed, I found myself tangled in my sleeves and stepping on my robe. I felt drowning in it. I should have figured it out sooner, but I hadn't. I turned around to look at my husband and started to giggle when I saw his sleeves nearly up to his elbows. I couldn't see the length but I guess the robe hung a little below his knees. When we had sung at hymn festival the week before, we must have mixed our robes on the hangers.

I started to chuckle, and the more I tried to control myself, the more hysterical I became. If anyone in the congregation paid attention to me, sitting up front, they would have assumed I was crying, I suppose. I had tears running down my face, my face scrunched into a horrible grimace, trying to hold back a loud HA HA HA.

When we moved from our chairs to line up in front to singn our anthem, I could only imagine what people thought if they paid attention. This is what they saw.

I still laugh when I look at this photograph.
(Click to enlarge. It's even funnier)


EllenToo said...

At least you could smile instead of cry or get mad.

Missy Tippens said...

Oh, how funny, Gail!!! There's nothing worse than getting tickled in the choir loft either. :)

Thanks for sharing.