Thursday, January 21, 2016

Allie Pleiter welcomes you to Blue Thorn Ranch

There’s nothing like the launch of a new series!

Now that I have a son going to school in Texas (hook ‘em, Longhorns!), it was time to set some books there.  Texas, cowboys, cattle ranches, right? 

Well, not completely.  Texas and cowboys, but you know me—I have to do things just a bit differently.  I went for a bison ranch.  And no, it wasn’t just because you can make spectacular yarn from bison hair—although that was a large part of it.  One has to do one’s extensive research yes?

When the friendly folks at Lucky B Bison Ranch welcomed me with open arms, I knew I had a great setting from which to launch the fictitious Blue Thorn Ranch that would host my next five books.  Here’s another glimpse at one of my favorite videos:  me getting up close and personal with the bison.

Starting with February’s The Texas Rancher’s Return, you’ll get to meet matriarch Adele Buckton and her five strong willed grandchildren as each of them returns to the family ranch.  First up is Gunner, Jr, who is determined to live down his black sheep reputation and save the family land by creating a thriving bison ranch.  Beautiful single mom Brooke Calder needs the cooperation of the Buckton family to save her job, but she’ll lose her heart to Gunner before the adventure is over.  Throw in Brooke’s adorable daughter, one bull-headed mama bison, and a thorny misunderstanding, and you have what’s become one of my favorite books I’ve ever written.

I hope you’ll enjoy all the books in the Blue Thorn Ranch series as they arrive.


Jackie Smith said...

Sounds like an exciting series....hope to read all those ranchers!
And on another note.....I just won 2 books in the great Lone Star Cowboy League series and realize you wrote a book in that series...Ranger for the Holidays so I am headed to Amazon to get it.

Sally Shupe said...

This series sounds great. Can't wait to read. I had no idea you could make yarn from Bison hair. Interesting!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jackie and Sally and Allie! How fun was that! Very cool that they let you be part of that experience and thank you for sharing! Jenny

Allie Pleiter said...

Jackie--Yes, I did write the 3rd book in that series and it's become one of my favorites!

Allie Pleiter said...

You can make really wonderful yarn from Bison hair. It's super strong, warmer than wool, and very light. The next book is about making the yarn, too.

Allie Pleiter said...

It was an amazing experience to be in among the animals like that. They are stunning up close (but not too close!).