Tuesday, January 19, 2016

As Rocks Are Carved So Are Our Words

Welcome to Love Inspired Authors blog from Gail Gaymer Martin.

Today I am writing from Sedona,
Arizona where I love to spend time in the winter. I look out my windows or from my deck to view amazing red rocks in a variety of shapes and sizes carved by wind and rain.

This setting inspires me as I write, realizing that this natural beauty is one of God's gifts to us in variety and breathtaking forms. It stirs our emotions and our memories. We know that God not only give us the gift of natural beauty but He  inspires our writing in the same way.  Our words are carved not by wind and rain but in the difficult and blessed times of our lives, carving and molding us as human beings. This inspiration creates moving stories and plots that stimulate emotion in our readers in the same way that the view of these rocks stimulate my creativity.

 The red rocks in Sedona go on and on for miles as our lives go on each day, carved a bit more by experiences and molded by our response to each event. All my novels bring to live modern day parables of life and love that teach the truths about who we are as God's children and the promises and blessings available if we only learn to trust, forgive and love.

Presently I'm working on three new stories to add to the Lilac Circle Series. Readers responded well to the first two stories: A Mother To Love and A Husband For Christmas. I hope the next three are greeted with the same enthusiasm.  Look for all my books on my website at  Gail's Book List

Wishing you love, joy, peace and good reading in 2016


Jennifer said...

Just rub it in why don't you! All that nice weather to enjoy. God is always fine tuning me and shaping me. Thanks for the neat post. Have a blessed new year!

Sally Shupe said...

Love that view! My view will be snow for the next several days as this snowstorm pushes through. I might just have to pull up this view from time to time! Happy writing!

Gail Gaymer Martin said...

The views are gorgeous here and so I can't help but rub it in, Jennifer. :-) I'm a Michigander and have dealt with winter snow all my life. For the past few years we visit Sedona, AZ and enjoy the wonderful warm afternoons - evenings and mornings are cooler but the golf courses are loaded during the day -- and no coats. And yes, it's not just rocks, we are fine-tuned by the Lord as well.

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you and your hubby are able to enjoy the warm weather. Blessings!