Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Literacy by Leann Harris

RWA has always supported literacy. At every national conference there is a big signing where money is donated from book sales. Our local chapter has a literacy tea to raise money for our local chapter. We also reach out to the local school districts. I've spoken several time to 5th graders about reading. The last time I talked I brought my book, which wouldn't have interested them, but I brought the book my son had to read in the 6th grade. Hank, The Cowdog, by John Erickson
The kids learn everything they need to know from that book. Viewpoint--who is talking, setting, description. They loved the book. When I read Hank with my son, I loved it, too. The questions they asked were thoughtful and sincere. Afterward, they wrote me wonderful thank you letters. If you have kids or grandkids, I'd recommend Hank. He's a great


Jennifer said...

That's so sweet about the thank you cards and how you've kept them all this time. I'll have to check Hank out. Thank you for sharing! Jenny

Sally Shupe said...

Sounds like a great book! I still have the book we read in 6th grade. Great memories. It was about a cowboy and from there I started reading Louis L'Amour books.

Shirley said...

Through the years I have found that reading to children is a wonderful experience. It is fun for the children and be a real eye-opener into how their minds woek for the reader.