Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Capitol K-9 Unit Series and Prayers for Houston

Terri Reed here on this gloomy day here in Oregon. I've been watching the news this morning with a heavy heart over the flooding of Houston. I'm praying that lives are not lost. This has been a strange year for weather.  Here in Oregon we didn't have a winter.  Usually we have a few days or weeks of freezing cold but this year the weather stayed mild while other parts of the country were hit with blizzards or droughts. We supposedly had record rains here in March but it didn't seem that much different to me than any other year.

On another note, the Love Inspired Suspense continuity Capitol K-9 Unit is doing well. The first three books have been released and the fourth will be released next week. If you haven't had a chance to read them, they are still available on the Harlequin website or on Amazon.  You can search the sites by author name or by title to find the books.

Protective Instincts, Shirlee McCoy, March 2015,

Duty Bound Guardian, Terri Reed, April 2015 
 Trail of Evidence, Lynette Eason, May 2015
 Security Breach, Margaret Daley, June 2015
 Detecting Danger, Valerie Hansen, July 2015
Proof of Innocence, Lenora Worth, August 2015


Leann Harris said...

Looks like an excellent series.
Also, I join you in prayers for Houston. Austin and Dallas are also experiencing flooding and tornadoes.

Jennifer said...

My family had flooding here in Ky as well but nothing compared to what Houston is experiencing. Praying for sure. I hope both you and Leean are doing well? My mom's reading the K9 series and I'm hoping to get them when she's done. Jenny

Terri Reed said...

Thank Leann and Jenny, for stopping in yesterday. I had busy, stressful day. My dog has a sarcoma on her side that is massive. We were at the vets for the majority of the day talking end of life measures and such.
I hadn't heard about Austin and Dallas flooding or Ky. I will be keeping that whole region in my prayers.

Jennifer said...

Poor puppy dog. Prayed.

Shirley said...

I too have been in prayer for those affected by the weather.
The new continuity is wonderful. I've read all the titles already out and can't wait to read the others as they are released.
Sorry to hear about your pet. We had to deal with a similar situation and it is hard.

Terri Reed said...

Thank you Shirley and Jennifer. My doggie girl is still with us. We got her some pain meds which are helping her. She's still very active even carrying around a huge tumor that sticks out of her side.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad she has something for the pain and that you get to spend more time with her. My heart goes out to her and you.