Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gail Gaymer Martin's Small Town Series

Good morning from Gail Gaymer Martin on this lovely spring day. If you enjoy cooking and recipes stop by my website for Gail's Kitchen. If you're a writer, you can check out Writing Fiction blog, and I hope you are a reader since you can peruse my Books.

I've enjoyed writing for Love Inspired for the past fifteen years. They've A Mother To Love is now available at bookstores on the Internet and soon to be in bookstores and places like published many of my
 novels, some out of print so long that you've probably never read them. One was a seven book series. But this book if from a new a new series I call Lilac Circle, a fictitious cul de sac street in a real small town of Owosso, Michigan.

Each romance revolves around one of the residence of Lilac Circle so readers will get to know the neighbors and perhaps try to guess whose story will be next. In October (or the last of September) you'll be able to read A Husband For Christmas. 

I'm working on the proposal for the next books in the series, and I decided to let you tell me what you might enjoy experiencing in this little town which has many interesting features and yearly events to provide special places to set scenes.  Here are a few spots I haven't used in the novel.  Tell me what would be fun to read about:

This is a real castle once owned by James Oliver Curwood, an author in the 1920s. His books were popular and many were made into movies. He worked in his castle much of his life, and each year the town holds the Curwood Festival which is a fund raiser decided each year for various needs, and it can be rented for special occasions.

A popular event at Christmas time in the Corruna Parade of Lights and Festival of Trees. Corruna is another small town connected to Owosso. The parade begins early evening as it leads the people of both towns to the Community Center where they enjoy over forty amazing decorated Christmas Trees as well as other fun events for the family. Musical events are also offered during that time in both cities.

This town is filled with many other events and if you look up the tourist information about the town you will find more interesting events and locations to set scenes. Leave a comment with your ideas. We love to hear from you.


Jennifer said...

A town wide scavenger hunt would be fun to read about and have the hero and heroine be in charge of the planning or be competing against each other.

Jackie Smith said...

I am so excited about this series, Gail. Read the first book and looking forward to the next one soon!
Keep up the great writing.

Hi to Jennifer.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jackie!!!!!!!!

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Shirley said...

I look forward to your next release. I have never been disappointed when I have read one of your books.