Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olympics--My weakness

Leann Harris here. As often as I tell myself, I will not be glued to the TV to watch the Olympics,  it's a promise I break every time. Sunday,  I was stuck to the TV watching the team ice skating.  I absolutely love ice skating, but pairs ice skating in particular is my all time favorite, but it
never gets it's fair share of coverage.  This year you can watch the live streaming, which I intend to do.

The US won the bronze, but when I saw Julia Lipnitskaia skate to Schindler's list, it was electric.  That music is so gut wrenching, and her costume of the little girl in red touched me.

Of course, I'll have to write around the schedule, but writers are creative people, who can get things done.

Which is your favorite sport?

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Leann Harris said...

Jackie, I did roller skating--dance, when I was younger and maybe that's why I enjoy doubles so much. The snowboarding events is for my daughter's generation, but the skiing is great.