Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Jenna Mindel here, excited about a new year. And really excited about my new release.

Season of Redemption opens with Ryan Marsh in trouble and court ordered for a substance abuse evaluation. Of course, my heroine is an intern that fills in for and facilitates that assessment and the rest is history as they say.

Writing Ryan Marsh's story came together after many failed attempts. I knew Ryan was a tortured soul when he first showed up in Season of Dreams (Feb 2011). But he really developed as the bitter brother in Courting Hope (June 2013). And now finally, he gets a book of his own.

I've always loved reading books with connected characters, so when I began writing way back when, it seemed natural to discover the next hero or heroine from my current work in progress. How bout you? Do you have a preference for books in a series or completely unrelated tales?

A Fresh Start
After a night of mistakes and misunderstandings, Ryan Marsh thinks he's back on the road to redemption. All he needs to do is convince the court-appointed counselor that he's just fine. But when counseling intern Kellie Cavanaugh sees the stark pain in Ryan's eyes, she knows that without her help he's headed for disaster. Soon it's Kellie who's in trouble. She can't get personally involved, no matter how drawn to Ryan she might be. When they end up volunteering for the same community project, Kellie can't deny her growing feelings. Will she land exactly where she shouldn't…in love?

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