Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bucket List

Jenna Mindel here, and proud to report completion of one bucket list item.
The weekend before Christmas my husband and I went with friends to a Green Bay Packer game at Lambeau Field.  They played Pittsburgh on a cold and snowy Sunday that was such a blast, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  Now, I'm a Detroit Lion's fan but I've always wanted to go to an NFL football game and last month was my chance.
My husband says there's no better place to experience football than at Lambeau and despite my limited exposure to such things, I'd have to agree.
What a great time we had and a good game too, even though the Packers lost.

My husband and me   

So, what does this have to do with writing?
Well, maybe not a whole lot, but I believe my creative well was refreshed and who knows, a character might develop out of the experience.

Do you have a bucket list and if so, how many items have you checked off so far?


Jenna Mindel said...

Hi Jackie!
It was alot of fun. You should have seen us trying to tailgate in the blowing wind and snow. But we managed to grill a few brats!! LOL.
Have a great day and thanks for popping in.

Leann Harris said...

I remember going to football games in the snow with my dad when I was a kid. I don't know if I'd be that brave now, but you look like you are having a good time.

Jenna Mindel said...

The key was bundling up in layers and snowmobile bib overalls. :) With all the crowd - we stayed pretty warm too.

Jenna Mindel said...

Yes, yes, my husband and I were talking about taking the train to Calgary, Canada - to the rodeo there? Another item is vacation on a houseboat! Loved Susan Sleeman's post from yesterday! Those homes are super cool.
Thanks for stopping by.
God Bless.

Lyn Cote said...

Hi from PackerLand!

Jenna Mindel said...

Jennifer - I love B&B's although, I've never really stayed at one. The hubby can't do without his ESPN unless we're camping or some such. LOL.
Thanks for your post. :)

Lynn -
Packer Fever - wahooooo! I have to admit this Green sickness will only last until the Lions' opener.... then I'll be BLUE.
(more ways than one, if they don't rise to their ability)