Monday, January 20, 2014

Conversations with a Child or Where do you get Ideas?

Ideas are everywhere, but surely the best ideas come from children.  I've long wanted to write a book set on the Titanic.  Right now would be the perfect time as my eight-year-old is enthralled with the ship and its sinking.  So, we watch the movies (the old Barbara Stanwyke, one from England, and of course the epic Jack and Rose).

Yesterday was church.  My son had a lesson about Adam and Eve in his third grade classroom (If I'm keeping count, it's Adam and Eve lesson number 15.  Kids learn about Adam and Eve every six month.  Hmmm, maybe their the equivalent to Jack and Rose... No, we'd have to make Noah and the ark the biblical equivalent, and I don't DON'T want to picture Leonardo as Noah.  Kate as Mrs. Noah is fine with me but, no, no)

So, back on topic.

My son asks me as we're driving home, "Mom, if Adam and Eve hadn't sinned, would we be naked today?"

This is what I get for telling him to LISTEN in class.

"Ah, maybe."

He's not done.  "Mom, if Adam and Eve hadn't sinned, would all the people on the Titanic have been naked when the ship went down?"

So, yes, this conversation will appear in a book someday.

And so you have one more chuckle.  My son got the Lego Bible for Christmas. (Anything so he'll know the Word.)  He's flipping through it and comes to a photo of a lego man with someone holding a sword over him.  My eight year carefully sounds out the word cir cum cise.  He looks up at me, points, and says, "Mom, this is just wrong."

Your turn LOL.  Do you remember your kids giving you new and improved Bible messages after church heheheh



Pamela Tracy said...


LOL Noah

Pamela Tracy said...

And I'm sure those 'tectors' were said in a Leave It To Beaver voice.