Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Traditions and Punch Recipe by Cheryl Wyatt

Hi all! Cheryl Wyatt here. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas. This year, we have turned Christmas upside down at our house. Not only are we striving this year to give more than we get, we have an upside down tree to symbolize it. The bags are on top of the tree rather than under it. We put envelopes to certain charities in the gift bags...our way to gift back to Jesus by giving to those in need. Some great organizations to give to are Compassion International, Hopegivers, Wounded Warrior Fund, Ronald McDonald House, St. Judes, World Vision, Angel Tree or a local charity that reaches out to your community. There are scads of others. The tree is kind of weird...I know. Then again, our family is too. We are all jokesters. We also have a little "elf" who pulls antics and spreads mischief and cheer all over the house. It's good to laugh. While we are careful to keep Jesus focal in the season, we also love to laugh and pull antics. It's who we are as a family. Our elf's name is Goodwill "Will" Wyatt. In the photos above, his antics include abducting baby Jesus, playing peekaboo with baby Jesus and eloping with our treetop angel. Do you participate in the Elf on the Shelf antics? I'd love to hear about it. What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Ours is giving. Giving of our time and resources. Giving of our friendship. Opening our home. I hosted a party for local Christian writers in my home this year and here are some of the fun, creative dishes me and my girls made. There was Grinch guacamole, wreathes made out of bagels, green-dyed cream cheese and strawberries. There were "trees" made out of fruit, vegetables and meat and cheese combos. We made a snowman cheeseball but his "mascara" ran so we decided not to use blue M&Ms anymore. LOL! Maybe we'll use raisins instead because the poor fellow appeared to be crying for the entire party. He looked mighty dapper in his Fruit Roll Up scarf though. In my Eagle Point Emergency books, the characters love to make food snacks with the story kids and I often provide links with instructions for those, such as the veggie scooter and the paper teacups. Hosting parties for our employees. It's one of my favorite parties of the year because we treat them to a meal at a restaurant then buy all sorts of gifts then put them in bags and staple the bags shut. We distribute fake money and they bid on bags. They have NO idea what they are bidding on. The bags may contain anything from a gaudy pair of socks to a really nice camera or other electronic. It ends up being hilarious. The ability to make memories is a gift I treasure. Above is a photo of one of the guys who has gotten a "popping reindeer" two years in a row. That image is the moment he realized he got it again. Poor guy. Then my mother-in-law bid on this beautiful box...only to receive a Whoopie cushion. The photo is the instant everyone realized what mayhem lay in the gorgeous box. Hilarious moments. Do you have a manger without a stable? Try my authorly idea and use books you have on hand to build one. See image below. The candle doesn't have a flame. It's an LED light. Just thought I'd mention that. LOL! Remember there would be no joy, no laughter, no cheer, no holiday, no CHRISTmas without Jesus--the reason for the season. Be blessed and I pray you grow closer to Him this year than ever. The punch is my mother's recipe and she made it for my wedding. SO delish! Here's the recipe: 1(one) 2Liter Bottle 7-Up or Sprite 1(one) 2Liter Bottle Ginger Ale 1(one) Gallon of Hawaiian Punch-we use red 1 (one) tub of rainbow sherbet ---Mix the Ginger Ale, Sprite/7-Up and Punch together in a punchbowl or dispenser. ---Stir that liquid mixture. ---Set the frozen sherbet into it but don't mix. The sherbet will eventually semi-melt, making a gorgeous rainbow froth that will be in the top of glasses as you pour Enjoy! Are you on Facebook? I'd love to connect! I love my readers so much. We have tons of fun on my page. Here's the link if you're interested in being a part of the mayhem we plot for my unsuspecting characters there. That's also where I post the most recent writing updates and book release news. Thanks so much for supporting our books with your readership and telling your friends. You are a gift and we appreciate you! Cheryl Wyatt

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