Tuesday, December 3, 2013

D.R. the Happy Reindeer by Leann Harris

Last Saturday when my husband made a run to Walmart for different items, he came back with D.R.--Daniel the Reindeer.  When I walked into the garage to help him with the bags, he'd turned off the engine and sat smiling at me.  In the front seat next to him was DH.  It was a sight that made me smile.  I know the man is too comfortable at the store, since he's picking up items not on the list, but this was something I'm glad he got.
I'm celebrating this Christmas with a grateful heart.  I have only 2 chemo sessions left to go then I'm done.  And the prognosis is good.  No lymphoma.

I'm waiting for the time I can leave the house again and go to church, critic, and lunch with friends.  2014 will be a great year.  Also, in March, my next book will be out, A Ranch to Call Home.   My hero, Caleb Jensen, is a rodeo pick-up rider and the heroine is Major Brenda Kaye, whose career in the Army ended with a bomb exploding at the restaurant she was at. Going home she has to face the ghosts of the past and deal with that trauma she endured.  Caleb is also facing his own crisis of confidence, but somehow these two touch each others hearts.

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