Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Roxanne Rustand here, writing you all from  bitterly cold, snowy Eastern Iowa!   I grew up in Minnesota and love snow and cold, but these -20 windchills at night are getting a little old.  :)  I don't look forward to my horse chores in the evening, and even the dog doesn't  want to go outside for his last little walk at night.  Smart dog.  :)

Are you all set for the holidays?  Are you planning to travel, or will you have company at your house?  I can't wait for all of our family to gather at our house on Christmas Eve Day.  We'll have our big dinner at noon, to celebrate our son's birthday  (yes--he was a Christmas Eve baby!) and then have a lighter, more Scandinavian  supper in the evening before going to church.  And on Christmas  Day, we'll have another dinner for other relatives, while our children enjoy the day with their in-laws.  I would love to hear about your traditional meal at Christmas!

I had a good start on the Christmas cookies, but then we managed to eat them all. My husband is a  Minnesota Norwegian who loves his coffee and sweets, and I just plain love cookies, so neither of us can be trusted with cookies in the house.  :)

These are my favorite rolled-out cookies.  I've been making them for decades, now, and the dough is wonderful because you can repeatedly re-work it and it still stays soft and pliable.  Perfect for those afternoons making cookies with little helpers!  I won't take up space here, but if you'd like the recipe, it's in a current post over at:  www.facebook.com/roxanne.rustand.author

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful Christmas season--surrounded by the love of family and the celebration of the true reason for the season!


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