Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Does An Author Do With Novels That Don't Fit The Genre?

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I once had strong feelings about Independent publishing, Indie publsihing we now call it, but times have changed, and novelists have learned that self-publishing allows them to bring their out of print books back to life in an immediate way that interests faithful readers and sometimes brings in new readers.

Indie publishing is still not the sun, moon and stars. For established novelists, it does allow bringing back the older books when rights have been returned, and even better, to publish novels they've written that never found a home with traditional publishers. Those are usually novels that don't fall into the genre category their publishers print. LI is known as category romance and has an established expectation from readers. They want a fast-paced novel of conflicts and struggles beginning on page 1 and concluding with a happy ending. Yet some novelist also love women's fiction or straight suspense, and Indie publishing gives them an outlet that goes outside their brand (their usual genre). Other reasons cause novels to be reject, though still romance, the story line is too complex for a shorter novel.

For non-published authors, Indie publishing also opens doors, but the truth it for both published and non-published novelists, being successful in Indie Publishing is not guaranteed. Expenses are still presen. Cover art and design can be costly and a good cover is important to selling novel. Editing is expensive and putting out a book that has not been professionally edited is a serious issue. It shows readers who is serious about writing and who isn't. Marketing is time-consuming and can be costly. Yet for both published and non-published novelists learn selling the book falls on their backs. Either they pay for professsional marketers, with no guarentee of success, or they spend hours away from their next book to  promote and market their novels.

So what does this mean? If you noticed at the beginning of this blog, I stated that I once had strong feelings against Indie Publishing, but with the times changing and eBooks becoming very popular, I've made the big step into bringing some of my out of print work back to life, books that were basically dead. I'm thrilled to see these books back into print as eBooks. with my cover ideas and good editing.

Dreaming of Castles was my second published novel released in 1999.The story is witty, one of my most humorous, touching and different with a heroine who's not body-perfect and a hero with problems too.
The setting is one of my favorite place in Europe, Heidelberg, Germany with it's charm, different culture and locations open to adventure. The book is available as an eBook priced at $2.99 and I invite you to give it a try, and let me know if you enjoyed this romance that will make you laugh and cry.

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