Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Allie Pleiter on Falling

I love Fall.  

It seems to be my favorite season for lots of reasons:  October brings “knitting weather” (although I knit all year long!), I begin my daily ritual of breakfast in front of the fire, the holiday candy and baked goods seasons are upon us, and I’m no longer wilting in the summer heat.  There’s something about the clear, bright slant of Fall sunshine that simply makes me smile.

This season, however, there’s more than just the meteorological version of Fall going on.  Falls--figurative and literal--play crucial roles in my November book THE FIREFIGHTER’S MATCH.  JJ Jones is falling for the mystery guy on her dock, her brother is trying to recover from a traumatic fall, and Alex’s company is falling to pieces around him.  All this chaos creates the perfect opportunity for love’s healing power to save the day.

What do you like about Fall?

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