Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Bridge Too Far by Leann Harris

While I’ve been sick, my husband has taken up most of the chores around the house.  He’s been a real trooper.  He does the grocery shopping, errand running, and meal fixing.  (I still do the laundry since I want my clothes to stay the same color as they began.)
Well, the other day, I needed some clear nail polish. Just clear nail polish--nothing fancy. Well, you would’ve thought I asked him stand on his head in the middle of the store and sing. He gave me a blank stare, which I recognized.  One Christmas, I asked for a nightgown, told him what store it was at and what it looked like. (This was after the disaster the Christmas before when he bought me a crockpot.)  He came home from the mall and said he stood at the edge of the lingerie department, but just couldn’t make himself walk into the department. Well, I knew I asked him to go beyond his comfort zone. It was his bridge too far. That was okay.  My adult daughter bought my the nail polish. 

But I had to smile--clear nail polish. Who would've thought? Still, I have a gem in spite of the nail polish.

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