Monday, June 17, 2013

What's Special To Novelists? Readers

When I first began writing, I had no idea what being an author involved and it was far more work than I ever imaged. I sold my first novel in 1998 with Barbour Publishing and sold another to them in 1999, but that year I also sold to Love Inspired. Today I have authored fifty-two noves with #51 being released in January 2014 and #52 later that year in the fall, I assum.

Writing means not only completing a novel with my multipe edits and proofread by my husband who does a tremendous job, but that's followed by line/copy edits that must addressed, and later, the galleys, my last chance to catch problems. Also authors with LI fill out an elaborate questionnaire for details for the cover art. It's what you see once the book is released.

And then I learned about readers. I had no idea how many letters, cards and emails I would recieve from faithful readers who love my books, and many of surprised me even more with gifts and little surprises. One of my first readers had her daughter drive her to Dallas, TX where I was appearing from Kansas. Now that's called faithful.

Recently another reader, Sharon Allen sent me two gifts and I was so surprised. One was the lovely scarf I'm wearing in the photo above and the other was a cookbook and you can see who latched onto that in the other photo. My husband is  great cook and is always looking for low calorie recipes.

So thank you readers who have been faithful over the years. I've bringing back some of my out of print novels as eBooks, and I hope you'll take a look by visiting my website (address above) and checking the book page. Thank you so very much and blessings.

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