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Meet Detective Tom Parker

Sandra Orchard here. 

I know this is our "Love Inspired Authors" blog, but I'd like to take a break from our regularly scheduled program to introduce Deadly Devotion, the first book in a brand new mystery/romantic suspense series I'm writing called Port Aster Secrets.
Here's a brief summary:

Herbal medicine researcher Kate Adams knows her friend’s death was no accident, so when Detective Tom Parker refuses to reopen his investigation, she sets out to find the murderer herself.  Despite his attraction to her, Tom thinks Kate may have something to hide. But when her investigation unearths a web of suspicious goings-on in their sleepy town, will Tom believe her innocence and catch the real murderer before Kate becomes the next victim?

I've invited Detective Tom Parker--picture Hugh Jackman in Australia here--visit today to chat about his role in this new series.

1)   Tell us a little about yourself, Tom, and how you came to be in the midst of such suspense. 

I was born in the US, but grew up in the Niagara region of Canada where my dad was a cop on the local force. I went to college in the US and joined the FBI, until my partner…
Well, it doesn’t matter why I left. My dad needed me. My mom died recently, so I took a detective’s job back here in Niagara and moved in with my dad.

2)   So coming home to your dad wasn’t the only reason you left your job? 

That’s right.

3)   And you’re not going to tell me the other reason? 

That’s right.

4)   Okay then, moving on. What scares you? 

Making a wrong decision that costs someone their life.

5)  Has this happened to you?

I’m a law enforcement officer. It happens.

6)   I guess it must be tough to know who you can trust sometimes?

Yeah, people are rarely what they seem. An officer can’t afford to forget that.

Daisy and Kate's favorite tea shop ~ A Cup or Two

 7)   I understand that you first met Kate Adams when you were investigating her fellow researcher’s death—a death you blamed on the victim, a herbal specialist, drinking the wrong type of marigold tea. What was your first impression of Kate? 

Fiercely loyal and with a grit to tackle just about anything life throws her way. I admire her certainty about her friend’s character… as misplaced as that faith might be. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that certain about anyone.

8)   So you don’t think Daisy Leacock was murdered as Kate claims? 

Obviously, Miss Adams is reluctant to believe her friend could make such a tragic mistake. It would imply that she wasn’t as knowledgeable about herbs as her job suggested, which of course would reflect negatively on their research.

9)   Wow, you really are cynical. What strengths/skills do you have? 

I’m a good detective. I can usually tell when suspects are lying. I can quickly assess a situation and respond.

10)   What is your greatest weakness?      
It used to be that I trusted those close to me, but I won’t make that mistake again. Now, maybe I judge a person or situation too quickly, and too harshly, or see a problem where there isn’t one. But better to eat a little crow later then fail to stop a crisis.      
11)   Okay, I can see why in your line of work that might be a good way to operate. What do you value above all else?

Family. In my line of work, especially before I came back to this quiet, rural area, I saw a lot of awful stuff. I saw the job tear relationships apart. Playing with my crazy little nephews, seeing my sister and her husband happily married, working with Dad has made me appreciate what I’ve been missing being so far away.

12)   What do you want more than anything? 

To find a woman who’d believe in me as fiercely as Kate Adams believes in her friend, Daisy. A woman I can believe in and trust. Trouble is I’m having a hard time believing in anyone these days.

Thank you, Tom for your candor. To read Kate's interview, deleted scenes, locations pics, a recipe for a Marigold tea that won't kill you--might even make you feel really good--and other extras, visit my bonus features page.


Sandra Orchard is an award-winning author of inspirational romantic suspense. Her next Love Inspired Suspense, Fatal Inheritance, releases in August. She lives in Niagara, Canada with her real-life-hero husband of more than twenty-five years, and writes full time…when not doting on their first grandchild...soon to be two any day now!!!  

You can learn more about Sandra’s books and bonus features on her website or connect on Facebook.

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Your Turn:  Tom was a tad reticent in answering many of my interview questions, but I'd have a hard time answering the same questions for myself. How about you? Care to answer one of the above questions about yourself (minus the being in a mystery part, of course, unless you are in the midst of a mystery, in which case, we'd really love to hear about that, too!!)? 

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