Friday, June 7, 2013

Allie Pleiter on H2O

I grew up on the water.  Long Island Sound and the rocky beaches of New England were the playgrounds of my childhood.  I could sail and drive a motorboat long before I could drive.  Our family owned lobster pots (yum!!) and my father was an avid fisherman (I did not inherit this gift at all).  I have always loved the water and felt at home around it.

Living in Chicago makes that a bit of a challenge.  Yes, we have Lake Michigan, but it's not the ocean. There are no tides and no salt water breeze.  Lake living is different that ocean living.  I spent this past weekend visiting my daughter in South Carolina and was reminded of how I adore the beach.  She's chosen a coastal life, and I can't say that I argue with her choice--except when the hurricanes come.

My hero in THE FIREMAN'S HOMECOMING recognizes how river living suits him.  He knows how the river soothes his soul, understands the stress his new job will bring, and takes action to ensure he gets time on the river.  Does it get him into a bit of trouble?  Well, it wouldn't be much of a book if it didn't now, would it?  Still, the Gordon River is almost its own character in my Gordon Falls series, because the river is such a big part of the town's atmosphere.

I grew up in ocean living, learned to love lake living, and now I'm exploring river living.  What about you?  How does a body of water fit into your life?

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