Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Makes a Great Sandwich?

Jenna Mindel here.  I love sandwiches! I love eating them, I love ordering them, I love making them...  The other day when I was building one of my oh-so-good turkey,cranberry and goat cheese on french bread sammie's, I got to thinking how close making a good sandwich paralells the ingrediants for a good romance.

Sure, individual tastes differ, some like it spicy, some on the blander side, and some like it stacked sky high with meat.  And like a good sandwich - romance has structure.  A way to put things together with care and attention.  A sloppy, thrown together romantic tale is no more appetizing to me than a sandwich made without care - without love. 

This lovely month of June brings the release of my third Love Inspired romance titled Courting Hope. In it, you'll find a lot of love, the beauty of Northern Michigan, and even a wonderfully made turkey club with avacado!

When Hope Petersen looks up to see Sinclair Marsh standing in her office doorway, it brings back bittersweet memories. She can't forgive him for the terrible accident that changed both their lives. Now that her girlhood crush is the new pastor of the church she runs, Hope is forced to work with him—and her old feelings resurface. Sinclair seems determined to show her and their Michigan hometown that their minister is a changed man. Is Hope ready to move beyond the past and risk her future on the man she never stopped loving?

So tell me, what makes a good romance? And what about those sandwiches?

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My Turkey, Cranberry & Goat Cheese Sandwich

  • Split French Bread so it lays open like a sub roll.  (any crusty styled bread or roll will do)
  • Slather one side with cranberry mustard, and the other with soft goat cheese then sprinkle with dried cranberries.
  • Stack on the turkey - I used plain 'ole roasted turkey. (grilled chicken works well too!)
  • Sliced red onion optional. 
  • Lay a slice of provolone cheese on each side and then slip under the broiler until the cheese bubbles.
  • Enjoy!
ps. This is even better made with dried cherries and cherry mustard instead of cranberries, but the cherry crop had been wiped out last year due to crazy spring heat followed by a hard freeze.  So, cherries are hard to come by.  This year's crop should be good!  We'll see. :)

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