Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yard work's alot like creating characters....

Jenna Mindel here after an aching weekend full of yard work.   Funny thing about how the arrival of spring means spending all day outdoors straining muscles I forgot I had.
But its worth it come early summer when the flowers are blooming!

As I start a new writing project, I couldn't help but see common ground
between making my yard look nice and making characters come to life.
Digging deeper to uncover who these people are, planting scenes that will display that characterization, and then sprinkling in motivations, and keeping it all tidy with a spiritual border.

When reaching for a book to read in the vast garden of fiction, what do you look for......
Ordinary characters forced to bloom in extra-ordinary circumstances or showy, larger than life heroes and heroines planted into a mundane routine they never expected?

Oh and while you're at it, is it okay to transplate tulips before they bloom?
Thanks!  Jenna

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