Monday, April 15, 2013

Hook Them or Lose Them

By Margaret Daley

It is important to hook the reader from the beginning of a story. But how does the writer hook the reader right from the start. One way is to write about something that grabs or interest a reader. Some of these hooks are: a secret baby, emergency type of stories (firefighters, etc), family feuds, family secrets, missing family member, hero as a boss, police/detective, military hero/heroine, animals, mistaken identity, cowboys, single parents, bride/wedding, bad boy comes home, and reunion stories. There are more but you get the idea. If you can write a story will a few of these elements in your story, you have a good chance of hooking the reader.

But remember once you hook them, you must write have a good story to follow. As a writer, what are some of the hooks you have used? As a reader, what are your favorite hooks? They don't have to come from my list--because I only put about a third of them down. I thought of a couple of more--Cinderella scenario, small towns, friends become lovers…and on and on.

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