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New Opportunities In Publishing from Gail Gaymer Martin

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I have been a novelist since my first contract with Barbour in 1998, and it's been a joy. I sold to Love Inspired in 1999 and my first book, Upon A Midnight Clear, an award-winner, came out in 2000.

But what happens with older novels is they become out of print. The fans I had in the early years have grown to thousands more, and those readers didn't have the opportunity to enjoy those stories.

But that has changed. With the new popularity in eBooks and with so many readers now owning an eReader, it opens doors for authors whose rights have been returned and who can publish their novels as eBooks and give  them new life. This is what I am doing with a novel and eight novellas and all of them with new covers.

Three of my older novellas are now available at Internet bookstores, and I'm thrilled to tell you about True Riches and To Keep Me Warm. You can find more details under Books on my website above. I hope you find them them interesting enough to purchase.

A chance meeting on romantic Mackinac Island brings
together a struggling young woman working at the Grand Hotel on a college internship and a helpful young man, the son of a wealthy physician who has a summer home on the island. But Alison feels unworthy to pursue a friendship with someone whose life is so different from her own. Will Alison learn that being worthy has nothing to do with money or stature.

Tim Richmond, a widower, is left to raise his young disabled son. Separated from his three sisters at a tender age and raised by an unloving aunt, Tim longs to find his missing siblings as well as give his son a home filled with unconditional love. Further, he is drawn to capable and independent Julie Gardner, though he knows there is no hope for a relationship; she doesn’t need him. Or does she?
Looking forward to hearing your comments about these novellas now available to you again after twelve years.

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