Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm signing for Literacy--Lenora Worth

Next week, I will head to Anaheim, California for the RWA 2012 conference. Along with my friend and fellow Love Inspired writer Winnie Griggs (who is also in charge of securing all the wonderful workshops we'll be having this year) I will arrive on Monday and stay till the following Sunday. On Tuesday, Winnie and I will go along with several Harlequin authors on a Hollywood tour. I've always wanted to do this but the last couple of times I was passing through, I wasn't able to take an extra day to have some fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the homes of movie stars, the Hollywood sign and some of the other attractions around L.A. Then on Wednesday night, about four hundred of us will be part of a huge open-to-the-public book signing at the convention center across from our hotel. I always enjoy these signings because I get to go around and find my friends and hopefully buy their books and I get to watch the amazingly long lines to some of the more famous tables of writers such as Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. But the best part is this--all the books sold are donated either from the publishing houses or the authors and all the money goes toward literacy. We're talking thousands of dollars--five figure type thousands of dollars.
So if you happen to be in Anaheim next week--come on by and see us. And buy books. It's for a good cause. I can't imagine not being able to read. Education makes the world a better place and brings people together. Reading is a big part of having an education. The magic of being able to read books can open doors for people all over the world. I'm proud to be part of an organization that believes in literacy. Thank you RWA, publishers, writers and readers for making RWA Literacy for Life Autographing such a success year after year. Have you ever been to one of these affairs and if so, do you have any stories to tell about your experiences? Share with the class!

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