Monday, July 23, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Jenna Mindel here and proud to announce the success of my first BIG garden.  Actually, my husband and I planted it together with the help of our neighbor kids.  I’ve already picked three colanders full of green beans despite the bunnies that have eaten several leaves.   We’ve also enjoyed half a dozen cucumbers.  Waiting on the tomatoes to ripen as well as our stunted sweet corn.  Don’t know what happened there. 

My husband and I pretty much threw the seeds in, watered, weeded, and hoped for the best.  We’re organic, because we’re lazy and oh so inexperienced.  But, I think we might get into this – we’ve already talked about how we’ll get the soil ready for next year and keep the rabbits out.

I really look forward to following the pumpkins develop into big ‘ole Jack-O-Lanterns.  It’ll be fun to watch the kids next door pick their pumpkins when ready.  

I see a connection to God’s creation, patience and provision all wrapped up into a garden.  Every gardener I know shares their bounty, and we’ll do the same.  I’m thinking there’s a gospel lesson in there somewhere. And so, my foray into vegetable gardening has been, so far, a very satisfying one.   Accept for the weeding, which needs to be done yet again!

Any gardeners out there want to share their knowledge and experiences?

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