Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun with Cats

Hi, this is Margaret Daley. I have a September Love Inspired coming out in a little over a month. In the story I have a secondary character who is a vet--Nathan Grayson. He is my heroine's (Maggie) cousin. After the hurricane, his farm became a refuge for homeless and discarded animals. I often have animals in my stories. I love them and have always had at least one pet--either dog or cat. On Harlequin's website in September I will be doing a serial novella telling Nathan's story.

We have three cats in our home that found us over the years. Each one is unique and different from the others.  My male, Ringo, rules the house and tries to keep the two females in line. He doesn't always succeed. Peppers is my neurotic cat but is so loving. Her favorite place is to wrap herself around my neck, which can make it difficult to write at the computer. My third cat is the one that has made me laugh more than any animal I've had. She is so curious and gets herself into trouble. Once she snooped inside a plastic bag and got it caught around her. She ran through the house scared as though something was chasing her. I still laugh when I think back to that. She is also the one that growls when she hears someone coming to the house. She thinks she is a dog. I often know when someone is coming before they ring the doorbell because she growls--then goes and hides.

One picture is Peppers being Catzilla through my Christmas village. The other picture is Ringo in his usual position.

What are some funny things your pet does?

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