Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This is Merrillee, and the photo to the left is a picture of one of the bedrooms in our home. We are anticipating a big change in our lives as my mother-in-law comes to live with us. This will be her room. It will not only be an adjustment for us to have her here, but she will have to adjust to not having her own house.

As I see my mother-in-law age, I know that someday, I may face these exact changes. We all have to make adjustments as our lives change and things around us change. We are often resistant to change, but nothing stays the same. So we have to learn to negotiate new and different things.

What kind of changes have you had to deal with? Did you find it difficult?

Here is the cover for my most recent Love Inspired book. The hero and heroine both go through changes when he loses his children's caregiver and she loses her job.

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