Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tidbits About a Town Called Hope Series

Hi, Margaret Daley here.

My second book in A Town Called Hope Series is out right now. It's called A Love Rekindled, April 2012, Love Inspired. The first book was a December 2011 Love Inspired, His Holiday Family. The next will be out in September titled A Mom's New Start.

I wrote this series because I grew up in Biloxi, Mississippi where hurricanes often hit. I wanted to show a town rallying together to overcome the tragedy caused by one. So many tidbits in the series come from my background. Hurricane Naomi hits Hope, Mississippi. The way the hurricane heads toward the town but turns toward Florida. The town thinks they are safe until the hurricane makes an almost one hundred eighty degree turn again and comes right back to hit Hope. That happened to me with one of the hurricanes that hit Biloxi.

Some of the preparations for the hurricane and the aftermath are based on my past and circumstances that happened to people I know and family. My mother was a nurse (later the head of nursing at the hospital), and when there was a hurricane, she was at the hospital working to help take care of the victims. When Camille hit Biloxi in 1969, my mother was a nurse for a school, and I got a glimpse of what is was like months afterwards to recover in the part of the town that was hit the hardest through my mother trying to help the students at her school.

Throughout this series there is a lot of me in the stories. Read and see if you can figure out what part.

A Love Rekindled, April 2012:

Kim Walters wants Zane Davidson's help all right. Her family is struggling to rebuild their home after a hurricane, and Zane is a successful contractor. But the fifteen years that have passed since they were high school sweethearts aren't about to magically melt away. Nothing can erase Mr. Walters's clear message—Zane wasn't good enough for his daughter. But now the Walters fortune is gone, and the town is reeling from the recent natural disaster. Can Kim and Zane find the faith to believe that some things work better the second time around?

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