Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Search of the Perfect Dress

Hi all, Renee Ryan here. I’m in a bit of a bursting-with-joy/excited/snoopy-dance kind of mood today. My son is getting married this weekend. In just two days he will become someone’s husband. When did he get that old? When did I get that old? The good news is that we adore his bride and expect lots of blessed family events to share with the young couple in the days to come. What can I say…YAY!

Now that the wedding is in two days and the out-of-town guests are arriving, I can freely admit that I agonized over what to wear to the ceremony. I had many dear friends warn me to start looking for my dress at least six months in advance. Did I listen? Nope. I kept putting it off and putting it off and, oh yeah, I don’t know why I couldn’t make myself go shopping. I love shopping. Maybe it was because I kept thinking, “I’ll lose a few extra pounds before the date draws near.” Didn’t happen. Then I found myself thinking, “Maybe I’ll find the perfect dress online.” HA! Fat chance.

With only a few weeks to go, and desperation setting in, I told myself, “I will walk into a store at random and there it will be, the perfect dress, waiting for me in the window.” Yeah, go ahead, laugh. It’s what many of my friends did when I told them that plan.

Two weeks before the wedding, when I finally forced myself to go shopping, I knew I needed a bit of inspiration before I braved the stores. I turned to the cover of my May release, MISTAKEN BRIDE (attached with this blog entry) for guidance. That blue dress is amazing, don’t you think? Since my heroine and I have the same coloring, I figured: Why not go with blue? Decision made, I went in search of a blue dress. I found the perfect specimen at the first store I entered. It wasn’t a perfect fit, but I had enough time to get the dress altered. Stay tuned for my next blog entry May 15, where I’ll post a picture from the wedding.

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