Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What a Day--Week

Leann Harris here. It has been a crazy day in my part of the country. We had 15 tornadoes rip through our area. It started around 1 pm. Storms usually don't bother me, but I spent the afternoon going from the front windows to the back windows. The weather sirens sounded 4 different times. Thankfully, no one was killed, but I watched on TV a tractor trailer be lifted up and spun like a top. When I finally turned on my computer and read all the Facebook posts, it was amazing to see how people traded information. should take you to the pictures.

This week has been memorable already. On Monday, we finished the Beth Moore study "Jesus The One and Only." It was amazing. It gave me insight into Christ's life. Her mind goes in different directions than mind, giving me new insight. I would recommend the study. And our last class was during Holy Week. This Easter will have new dimensions for me.

Finally, tomorrow my daughter defends her dissertation. We're going to be there. I am a proud mama.
P.S. I haven't got to the store to see my book yet. After reading Margaret's post about the hurricane, I'm thinking surely I will get a story out of this.

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