Monday, August 22, 2011

Janet Tronstad - Cyber Friends

Janet Tronstad here. I have some wonderful friends on Goodreads in the Love Inspired Historical discussion group and one of them, Melody, took a picture for me when she was at a wedding recently. It's a sign that says The Gardens at Dry Creek. I couldn't have been more delighted as I have over 20 books in that series now. I thought to myself that taking that picture is something a friend would do -- and then I realized how easy it is to become friends with people I have never met. On Goodreads particularly I have talked with these cyber friends about so many things. We've shared dreams, problems with aging parents, school problems, work problems, boyfriend issues -- everything really. Frankly, I've always thought of myself as more of an in-person friend so it kind of surprises me that I feel this bond. But then I realized that maybe because we're readers, it is easier for us to become friends through the written word (whether it's letters, emails, or posts in discussioon groups). I know many of you have cyber friends in the Love Inspired community so I'm going to ask where you like to hang out? There's this blog, eHarlequin, Goodreads -- where do you find your circle of LI friends?

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