Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How do you beat the heat? Lenora Worth

The temperature is supposed to hit 106 today. I live in the South, so I'm used to hot weather. But this summer has been brutal. There are many ways to stay out of the sun when it gets this hot. I wondered what everyone out there is doing to keep cool.

Personally, I'm staying inside a lot. We do have a pool, so it's nice to get wet but even the pool water is warm these days. And the sun is really bright on the white decking around the pool. So I get a kick out sitting in my comfy chair by the bay window and watching the birds take turns in their own little bird bath. The red birds are so pretty. The bluejays get in and wallow around then shake their feathers in glee. We had a blue heron visit earlier this year, but she was too big for the bird bath! The squirrels practically stand on their heads to get water from the pool. We even have night vistors-the occasional possum, racoon or armadillo strolls through to get a drink and maybe catch a few tasty treats. Sometimes, I imagine them having a little party out there late in the wee hours. Floating around on my float, tossing a beach ball back and forth, tall glasses of bright drinks in their paws. I can't blame them for wanting to stay cool.

Let's hope this hot spell breaks soon and we all get a nice rain to refresh us. In the meantime, I'll stick to reading good books, doing my work by the window and enjoying the blessed air conditioning. So what are you doing this summer to beat the heat?

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