Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not enough time--Lenora Worth

Wow, I'm late to my blog today because I was also scheduled for another blog (Superromance) today, too. Top that with--I just got home from Florida last night and I'm pedaling as fast as I can to catch up. Where does the time go? I have two days before I leave for RWA in New York. We're doing a road trip so we will leave either Thursday or Friday. And I take forever to pack. (I have to decide which shoes to take, of course!)I know I'll see a lot of the Love Inspired Ladies there and we will have fun at our annual Harlequin party.

In the meantime, I have things that must get done. I've always tried to stay focused and slightly organized but some days it seems I'm just spinning plates in the air. Do you ever get like that? Where you mind is whirling so fast your body can't keep up?

I have to wash clothes from one suitcase and pack conference clothes in the bigger suitcase. Right now, I'm starving so I'm off to lunch. Then it's back to work. What's your biggest challenge today?

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