Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Memories—by Leann Harris

I loved Janet’s blog on Memorial Day. I was going to blog on a different topic, but her thoughts sent me in a different direction. My last book and the book out next April are about Iraq veterans and the scars they bring back when they come home. Their experiences are unique and they are in an elite group of men and women who were in war. They share a bond than those of us who haven’t served cannot share. But our love and support can be there.

This last summer, my husband and I went to Hawaii. We stayed with my daughter’s in-laws. They took us to Punch Bowl, where many veterans are buried from WWII to today. It is a humbling place. I could only stand there and give thanks for all the men and women who served this country. And the young people who gave their lives. You are remembered.

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