Monday, June 13, 2011

Better Than a Handshake

Pamela Tracy here, and I confess, "I am not shy." I basically like being with people, like meeting new people, and will talk to strangers.

Yet, sometimes I'm in the midst of a group and I'm thinking, "I wish I were somewhere else." Usually that means that no one is talking about my favorite topics. Yes, the Bible is one. My family is another. Also, right up at the top, you guessed it: books! Put me in a group of strangers, and let one of them say, "Did anyone read the latest [insert name of favorite LI author here] and now you've got my attention.

I will walk up to strangers who are reading and say, "What are you reading?" Most eagerly engage and we dish about favorites, not so favorites, and what we intend to read next. Yes, some let me know that all they want is to get back to their books. If that happens, I smile and head back to my own book.

So, here's a cute story. This past week I was at cub camp with my six-year-old. Cub camp is designed for little guys and they actually stay in a cabin and do all the 'camp' things, but Moms get to be in a nearby cabin just in case something happens. I had a blast. My job was to be there 'just in case,' but to know I was to be hands-off.

I spent most of my time reading (Totally cool because I was in the middle of nowhere amidst tall trees and a lake and great weather). One day I actually drove into town. I shopped and then decided to treat myself to lunch. I don't mind eating alone IF I HAVE A BOOK. , I didn't have one. No way could I sit in a restaurant all alone without a book.

I happened to be in a clothing store and mentioned my dilemma to the owner. She immediately lent me her book. We, you guessed it, promptly dished about our favorites, our not so favorites, and what we were going to read next.

I took her book to a restaurant, made it to page 40 (and that author now has a sale in her future because I'll buy the book) and then returned her book.

What a cool way to make a friend.

I took her business card (If you're ever in Prescott, AZ, be sure to go to Just Beadtween Us) and as thanks come this August, I'll be mailing her a copy of my next book.

A bull-riding injury has sent Joel McCreedy crashing—literally—into his tiny Iowa hometown. But the last thing the prodigal son wants is to stay. On top of a bruised head and ego, he has relationships to mend and a reputation to clear. And then there’s lovely Beth Armstrong, his nephews’ teacher, who’s willing to give them all lessons in family and forgiveness. But Joel isn’t the dutiful “family first” man Beth deserves. Or is he? Suddenly, instead of wrangling bulls he’s helping with homework. And instead of craving his next win, he’s determined to be Beth’s once-in-a-lifetime love.

Just think. If everyone was a bookworm, the whole world would be friends.

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