Thursday, February 17, 2011

A DAD Of HIS OWN - Gail Gaymer Martin - March release

Good morning from Gail Gaymer Martin at

I'm excited to tell you about my upcoming release and the first book, A DAD OF HIS OWN, in the Dreams Come True Series released by Love Inspired in March. Make sure you hit the stores at the end of February. Our novels are only in the stores for one month. I hope you'll find this novel and let me know what you think.

Also look for a link below that will take you to my first video interview about this novel and also a little about my career.

A DAD OF HIS OWN is a very different kind of story, and when the editor of the LI line asked me about taking on a topic similar to Make A Wish Foundation, I turned up my nose, trying to imagine how I could make this book a happy-ever-after love story. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. I enjoy writing stores filled with emotion -- laughter and tears -- and this seemed a perfect idea for me.

Here's a teaser from the back cover:

One Child's Wish

With his Dreams Come True foundation, Ethan Fox turns wishes into reality. Amazing trips. Meeting heroes. But Ethan has come to care deeply for a sick boy whose dream is. . .a dad. And not just any dad. Ethan. Though little Cooper has a great chance of getting well, widowed Ethan can't chance loving---and losing---again. Yet he's spending time with the sweet boy and his lovely, single mother, Lexie Carlson. Could a little boy's wish for a dad of his own come true after all?

I've been invited to visit so many people's blogs to talk about this novel, but the most unusual offer was to do a video interview.  I want to share that with you. . .so here it is.  Hit the link and you'll find me in my living room, talking to Borrowed Books about my career and my newest novel - A DAD OF HIS OWN.  I hope you enjoy the interview, and even more, I hope you love the novel.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. It sounds like another wonderful Gail book. :) Can't wait 'til it hits the shelves.

Jillian said...

Sounds like a wonderful story, Gail. I'll be looking for it at the end of the month.

Jackie S. said...

Sounds like a great book, anxious to read it!!!

Wilma said...

This was a very good book. I'll be looking for more books like that.

Irina S. said...

It sounds great, I can't wait to buy it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I thought I knew what to expect when I cracked open “A Dad of His Own” by Gail Gaymer Martin. I’m a fan of the Love Inspired line by Steeple Hill and Mrs. Martin is one of their finest authors.

I settled in to read for a few minutes at a time as I fixed supper. I prepared myself for the usual mix of a some guilt-free romance, a little laughter, a lesson in faith, and of course a happy ending. A couple of hours later I fond myself thoroughly surprised-and without supper-as I’d read straight through the novel.

“A Dad of His Own” delivers all the ingredients of a Love Inspired novel. But this story tackles a subject uncommon to the romance genre: cancer.

Anonymous said...

The story revolves around Cooper Carlson, a fatherless boy who is battling leukemia. He has one wish-for Ethan Fox to be his dad. It’s Ethan’s business to grant wishes through his Dreams Come True foundation. Ethan finds it easy to spend time with the lovable Cooper and single mom Lexie. But Lexie is reluctant to risk her son’s heart and her own to a man whose job it is to turn wishes into reality.

On sale February / March 2011You can read the synopsis of “A Dad of His Own” from Mrs. Martin herself at the Love Inspired blog.

Mrs. Martin doesn’t take the easy way out by tying up the plot in the expected way. She takes the time to deepen the story, building the characters into people I was rooting for. Lexi isn't just another cookie cutter romance heroine. While single mothers are often at the heart of inspirational romances, Lexie’s background as a never-married mother, is one that is rarely explored. Mrs. Martin handles Lexie's past with realism and grace.

Anonymous said...

Cooper, despite his physical ailments, has a strong spirit and a child-like faith that is unshakable.

Ethan is the hero I've come to expect from inspirational romances. His Christian faith and devotion to family makes him all the more attractive.

It’s evident that Mrs. Martin is a mature Christian who seeks to glorify God through her novels. This story doesn’t add a last-minute dash of God into the plot as a way to rework the traditional romance recipe for the Christian market. Readers who are looking for more love and less Sunday School lesson won’t be turned away by the faith element. There are no trite sermonettes; just a genuine exploration of a woman looking to heal her son and her past.

The ending was more than satisfying. Mrs. Martin's talent for storytelling adds spice-making this book one for the keeper shelf. Though Mrs. Martin left me hungry for future books that will hopefully feature some of the supporting characters in search of a happily ever after of their own.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great read. I can't wait to read it.