Monday, November 15, 2010

Sharing Life

Stephanie Newton here, thinking about heroes today.  Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  For a while now, one of my 14 year old daughter’s heroes has been an Australian songwriter and singer by the name of Brooke Fraser. The first song my daughter learned to play on the guitar was one of Brooke’s songs that she wrote for Hillsong United. 

I think my thinker daughter is intrigued by a woman who reads, thinks goofy thoughts (sometimes really profound thoughts), writes these thoughts down into songs, and then sings them.  Beautifully.

So...once in a great while, if you’re really lucky, you get to meet one of your heroes.  Tonight we’re going to hear Brooke Fraser in concert.  Cool, huh?

My daughter is beside herself with excitement.  I’m pretty excited, too!  I'm posting a video so you can see her too!  Enjoy :)

Award winning author Stephanie Newton lives in Northwest Florida with her husband and two kids.  Her latest work, "Christmas Target," is available now in HOLIDAY HAVOC, a two-in-one Christmas book with Terri Reed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie. That is awesome. A few weeks back I got to take my son to meet his favortie author Rick Riordan. He still talks about it. Have fun tonnight. :)

Merrillee said...

Thanks for sharing the video. I am reminded of a young woman who is now working for the Lord in Zambia. My ladies' Bible study group is getting a Christmas box ready for her tonight.

Stephanie Newton said...

We had a great time! Brooke was awesome in concert and my daughter got to meet her, so it was perfect! Definitely worth the LONG drive!

Isn't that video great, Merrillee? How cool that your ladies group is getting a Christmas box ready to send to Zambia. I love how small our world is!


Rose said...