Friday, May 7, 2010

Lyn Cote Celebrates Strong Women on her Blog

Just wanted to let Love Inspired romance fans know that on my personal blog

Since the focus of my personal blog is Strong Women, Brave Stories, I celebrate with Mother's Day with an all month special, MEGA May! I celebrate by asking readers to share their own family stories of strong women.

This year only two readers have so far shared their stories. Tuesday the 5th was Shirley from Mississippi and later in the month Edna T from South Carolina will pay tribute to their mothers.

This year three brave men are going to pay tribute to their wives, authors Thom Lemmon, Harry Kraus, and Jeff Gerke. Also authors (many of them my fellow Love Inspired authors), Betsy St Amant, Linda Goodnight, Cheryl St John, Ruth Axtell Morren, Sharon Dunn, Stephanie Grace Whitson, Irene Hannon, Marta Perry, and Elizabeth Johnson will be sharing stories of strong women in their lives.

MEGA May is the only month where I ask authors to donate books for a HUGE once a year prize. Drop by this month and share a story or comment and your name will be entered to win the MEGA May basket of books and goodies.

So don't miss MEGA MAY at!--Lyn Cote
P. S. I just updated my website. Drop by and see what you think.


Project Journal said...

I know, I know Lyn!! Lol! I'm trying to find a time when I can write something up. Plus, I'm trying to decide between my mom, my grandmother, and a woman that was very special to me at church. So, I'm still not done, but I definitely want to do this.

It's a FANTASTIC idea, Lyn!!

Cindy W. said...

My 82 year old Mom is my hero. Growing up in a military household she was the glue that kept our family together. She could fix hamburger about 30 different ways making my dad's paycheck stretch as far as it could. Many times she had to be father and mother when my dad was stationed in foreign countries where families weren't allowed to go. Then when we were stationed in Japan she helped us kids adapt to our surroundings. We always knew we had a friend in Mom.

Years later my parents divorced and my Mom took on two full time jobs waitressing in order to keep food on our table and a roof over our head. Never once did she complain.

Mom just had a reverse total replacement on February 19th. This surgery would probably keep most people down but not Mom. She's a fighter. Her Physical Therapist can hardly wait for her to go to her next doctors appointment because her mobility right now is fantastic.

I just wanted to brag on a woman that I have admired my entire life. I wasn't blessed with children myself but now, in my Mom's later years, I have become her caregiver and if I can only give back half of what she has given me I will be happy.

I would love to be entered into your Mega May giveaway.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.


Lyn Cote said...

Hannah, just choose one this year and save the rest for upcoming years!

Cindy, your mom sounds much like mine. God bless her. With your permission I will post your story someday before the end of the month on my blog. I'll let you know the day!

LeAnn, You sound like a great daughter. I'll enter your name and Cindy's (Hannah) is already added.

Cindy W. said...
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