Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Earth Day--every day--Lenora Worth

And we thought winter was brutal. The flooding in Tennessee is on our minds today. We had recent tornadoes pass over my state and head into Mississippi, doing damage and taking lives. There is a horrible oil spill out in the Gulf which threatens at least five states. The shrimpers and fishermen and all the others who depend on the seas will have to wait and see if they'll have jobs once the spill is cleared away. Not to mention the long-time toll each of these situations will have on the economy and the ecology. It breaks my heart, but all I can do is watch and pray for now.

I love this Earth that the Lord has given us and I try to be a good steward, knowing that it's not mine to tarnish. But it is mine to cherish and protect for the next generation. Whether we believe in global warming or not, I think it's our responsibility to protect the earth. We can't control acts of nature but we can certainly do everything in our power to keep the earth strong and clean by recycling and trying to conserve energy. I want my children's children to be able to see the beauty of the earth, the bounty of the seas, and the awe of the heavens. I hope we can all strive toward this goal. And I will continue to watch and pray.


Nicola said...

Hi Lenora

A great post. I agree, let's send our prayers out for this situation.

Nicola x

Lenora said...

Thank you. Prayers everywhere, that's for sure. From New York to the Gulf of Mexico and all areas in-between.

Stephanie Newton said...


So feel for poor Nashville, too...


Unknown said...

Earth Day, Southern Alberta has 2 feet of snow and a couple inches of rain. Also afraid of flooding in some low lying areas.