Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Okay, when did they make the day shorter?

Last night I was lying in bed wondering how I was supposed to start that new exercise regime my husband made for me. He bought a Bowflex, and did everything to get me started, but yesterday my day went like this:
Up at 6:30, wiggled painfully into support hose, off to work at 7:45. AT some point in the day, I met with our youth pastor who asked about meeting with the children's Sunday School helpers Thursday night.
At three, I was going to the grocery store, then to a friend's house to drop off the Tom Tom I had borrowed, then back home. I peeled off the support hose with a great sigh. I made supper, ate supper, cleaned up after supper then off to a meeting with my hubby at the school for seven. Teacher said, "I've booked two hours for this, but if we're good, we'll get out by 8:30."
After the meeting, my pastor, also at the meeting, intercepted me like the football fan that he is, and asked about the upcoming Christmas concert. I was home by 9, showered, then fell back onto the bed, exhausted.
And thought, when was I supposed to find time to write and exercise?
Somedays, it just doesn't happen.
I need to write. I need to get done everything I had promised my editor. I also need to exercise, or I'll turn into a bowl of flab with glasses.
Now, I'm not complaining. (All right, I am complaining, but only in the nicest possible way.) But it gets hard, doesn't it? My kdis are older, so I don't need to babysit them, but with that comes other issues. Four people in one house, two cars, four different itineraries.
I keep screaming, "Make me stay home!! Make me Stay home!!!"
How does everyone else cope when cloning isn't yet available?

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Missy Tippens said...

LOL, Barbara. A clone would be nice on some days. :) I usually have to prioritize, and some days things just don't get done. It sounds like you had a wild, crazy day!