Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gifts of Wonder-- look for them--Lenora Worth

Hi. My Love Inspired book that was out in August is titled "Gift of Wonder." It's about a man who never had a true family and a woman who loves her family dearly. When they meet, Alice has to show Jonah how a real family gets through the good and bad of life. The book is set during Thanksgiving, a time when we always reflect on our blessings and God's good gifts. So that got me to thinking about all those little "Gifts of Wonder" we experience each and every day. Our minister preached about this on Sunday. He said we should look for those "God surprises" each day. We might miss them if we aren't looking. I thought I'd make a list here of some of my recent gifts and surprises and then ask you to share your own little blessings here.

So ... butterflies. I love seeing butterflies. They're like this little treat for your eyes and your senses as they flutter by at the most unexpected times. I always tell myself that a butterfly is God's way of reminding us that our loved ones in heaven are still nearby. That little flutter of amazing beauty teaches me that beauty comes in small packages of endearing strength. I'm blessed to see butterflies.

Next, nature. Nature all around us. It's always good to watch the changing of the seasons. Yesterday, I stared out my bay window at my backyard, lamenting the end of summer. The pool would soon be too frigid to enjoy. But then, I watched as a few early leaves gently danced down to earth and reminded myself that while summer is nice, so is fall. That crispness in the air, football blaring away on the television, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book--those are tiny blessings that bring me joy and comfort.

Of course, friends are part of the surprise that God sends our way, too. Just a hug, a phone call, a visit can mean so much and make us realize that friendship is part of the fabric of God's love.

And last but not least, unexpected news on a day when you're feeling blue can show us that even when we think we're all alone and taking a wrong turn, God will provide the answers we seek. I had some unexpected news this morning--good news about a book I'd written a couple of years back that had been moved from pillar to post trying to find a home. It has found one as of today. So I rejoice in that and I thank God for that "surprise". And even though I'm a bit late with this post, I always tell people that showing up counts as a blessing in our lives. So I'm here, showing up, to say that I love what I do--I get to create stories in my little brain. And that truly is a gift of wonder. What are some of the little "surprises" you celebrate each day?


Stephanie Newton said...

I love looking out my windows. Every hour of the day things look different. :)


Lenora said...

Steph, you are so right. It's always changing out there. Can be very distracting for writing, however. But lovely for the soul.

Lenora :)

Project Journal said...

I like getting up each morning and being greeted by my cat and puppy! Maddie, dog, gives the best kisses!