Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hi, Pat Davids here.

I had a wonderful time over Labor Day weekend. I went to my high school reunion. This wasn't just any reunion for Chapman High School. This was an all school reunion. It was a fund raiser to help build a new school and I was delighted to take part in this wonderful event. Over 800 people showed up to reconnect with fellow classmates and give to a very worthy cause.

Just over a year ago, the town of Chapman Kansas was struck by a tornado and all but wiped off the map. The grade school, middle school and high school were completely destroyed as you can see by the photo above. Enormous efforts have been underway to rebuild the schools, but so much history was lost. And found.

A time capsule put in the wall of the school build in 1935 was discovered in the rubble. Newspapers clippings and letters gave us a glimpse of the people who lived and taught in Chapman 75 years ago. Is that cool or what?

Now, I have to ask.

If someone asked you to contribute to a time capsule today, what you put in?
I think Lenora would but in picture of her shoes because I know she wouldn't part with a real pair.
I'd love to put my cell phone in. I hate the thing.

Anyone else?
Chapman all school reunion 2009


Merrillee said...

What a cool reunion. I'm not sure what I would put in a time capsule. Maybe an iPod.

Pat Davids said...

Thanks, Merrille,
Our time capsule now has an iPod and a cell phone and maybe a picture of Lenora's shoe collection.